As innocuous as it may seem the feature changes that differentiate the first few batches of the ’56 model year 6120 from the ’55 model year are quite subtle. Later in the year the changes are more apparent. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images.

·       An elongated truss rod cover, replacing the previous “bullet-style” cover .

·       The  anodized gold fixed-arm Bigsby B6 vibrato evolving to a standard alminum model.

·       Mid-way through this model year these 6120’s were fitted with the newest Bigsby vibrato . It is often referred to  thebreak-away” model, that allowed the arm to be moved away from the strings when not in use. Quite primitive in design and quite rare as well.

·       Plain block inlays replace the western motifs that were etched into the block fretboard makers.

·       Horseshoe replaces the steershead  on the headstock.

·       The coolest feature of the 56’ era 6120 has to be the “nail-hole” details etched into the early examples with horseshoe headstock logo.

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